The Google +1 Button

Google is starting to roll out their “+1 Button“.  Just like the Facebook “Like”, this button is intended to be a way of sharing cool or informative websites with your friends and followers.  Right now it’s limited to showing up in US, but it’s likely to find its way to Canadians and the rest of the world soon after if they’re as serious as they say they are.  If you’d like to try it out on your site, check out their +1 button builder.

Here’s an example +1 button:

If you’re running a social sharing plugin like Sharethis on your website, you will probably need to update your settings once they update to include this option.

The short story is that the button will enable social recommendations on top of Google’s results.  This is kind of cool because it is a way of passively interrupting someone’s search cycle when there’s something meaningful to be added.  If I’m getting into comparing mortgage rates and a good friend gave a mortgage comparison site a +1, it’ll show up in Google results when I do the search.  Transparent, relevant, awesome!

Whether this product gets picked up or not remains to be seen.  Google tries out a lot of different products and industries, and while some of their products are a hit, others seem to flop.  Will +1 suffer the same fate as Google Buzz?  Time will tell.

For more information on the +1 button, see Danny Sullivan’s excellent post on the +1 button at Search Engine Land.

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