That's a Big Whiteboard: A Work in Progress

We love a big whiteboard here at Top Draw. And by big, we mean 22 feet by 8 feet big. There’s just something innately primal about writing on walls. Ideas flow, creativity surfaces… arms flail in huge gestural sweeps. All without fear of being reprimanded by your parents. Maybe that’s why.

Whiteboard walls (courtesy of IdeaPaint) have become an invaluable tool for collaboration, brainstorming, and effective communication amongst our team. The integration of Epiar’s office space presented an opportunity to take advantage of some barren walls and exploit them for all of their unbridled potential.

Without the pressures of being neat or tidy within a tiny sketchbook, it’s liberating to let ideas emerge like a stream of consciousness. Patterns, workflow, corrections on the fly… everything just seems to materialize faster when you’ve got a massive surface. More importantly, you can capture a holistic view of a complicated project and see all of its intricacies at a glance.

If you’ve got a blank wall to spare, consider using IdeaPaint to inspire your staff and revitalize your office. It works for us!

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