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The Power of Social Media

By topdrawinc

Talking about the importance of social media feels a lot like telling someone that the earth is round. I’m not talking about making this statement in the 1500’s when that would have been revolutionary. I’m talking about now. Try it for yourself and see what kind of looks you get. The rapid adoption of social […]

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The Google +1 Button

By Adriel Michaud

Google is starting to roll out their “+1 Button“.  Just like the Facebook “Like”, this button is intended to be a way of sharing cool or informative websites with your friends and followers.  Right now it’s limited to showing up in US, but it’s likely to find its way to Canadians and the rest of […]

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Exercising Your Social Voice

By topdrawinc

“Listen to Me…” “Listen to you by what right?” “Because I have a right to be heard…” “A right…” “Because I HAVE A VOICE!” “Yes, you do.” In The King’s Speech, the man who would be King George VI of Britain assumes the throne after his brother abdicates. Suffering from a debilitating stutter and considered […]