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Marketing in the Alberta Cannabis Industry

By Alexandria Morrison

Marijuana legalization comes into effect this summer, and with strict laws and regulations around marketing and advertising – many retailers and distributors have quite the challenge ahead of them. Alberta is set to launch up to 250 cannabis retailers once legalization is finalized, and a single company cannot own more than 15% of the total […]

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What is Programmatic Advertising?

By Adriel Michaud

Advertising is a funny game. In the past, it was pretty straightforward: call up your local bus bench, billboard, TV, or Radio Account Manager, ask them for rates, sign a contract and you’re good to go. What has really changed with online is the capacity to report and track results with a finer degree of success, and the ability to customize delivery and messaging programmatically. So, what do we mean by programmatic, actually?

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Google and SEMPO Canada Team Up

By Ken Jurina

The Top Draw team has worked hard over the past decade to put both our Epiar technology and SEMPO Canada on the North American map. The SEMPO Canada Chapter (Search Engine Marketing Professionals Organization), founded by Alex Brabant and I in 2006, is a non-profit organization whose mission is to increase awareness and promote the […]