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What is Programmatic Advertising?

By Adriel Michaud

Advertising is a funny game. In the past, it was pretty straightforward: call up your local bus bench, billboard, TV, or Radio Account Manager, ask them for rates, sign a contract and you’re good to go. What has really changed with online is the capacity to report and track results with a finer degree of success, and the ability to customize delivery and messaging programmatically. So, what do we mean by programmatic, actually?


Art on the Block is Fast Approaching

By Cindy Joly

At Top Draw, we are fortunate to meet awesome folks who are not only great at what they do, they help make Edmonton a fantastic place to work and live. Two of those clients are Carolyn Patton and Oksana Gowin, whom we worked with while developing websites for ATB Investor Services and the Art Gallery […]


Ken Jurina Presents with Google at Steep and Deep this Weekend

By topdrawinc

Executives from across the country are heading to Whistler this weekend for Steep and Deep, the 2012 edition of the EO Canadian Conference. Ken Jurina, President and CEO of Top Draw, is among the attendees who will be helping the Entrepreneur’s Organization celebrate its 20th anniversary. Delighted to organize an online marketing presentation with Google, […]

SEO & Online Marketing

QR Codes – Cutting Edge Technology Demystified

By Adriel Michaud

Originally designed for use in tracking vehicles during assembly, two-dimensional bar codes (also called QR codes, matrix barcodes, or scanlife codes) have come into their own for unique marketing uses and more. The most popular variant is the QR code, with its distinctive three boxed corners. QR codes make a lot of sense where: Users […]

SEO & Online Marketing

How to Calculate the Value of a Webpage

By Adriel Michaud

Here’s the scenario. You’ve got a big fat website. It’s getting bigger and your navigation is starting to get jammed up. It’s time to make some hard decisions about which pages stay and which pages must go. But how can you decide? If you’re trying to determine the impact of a web page on a […]