Web Design

Writing for the Web Infographic

By Cindy Joly

At last count, I’ve churned out copy for over 100 websites. Ten years ago, the SEO experts recommended 500 – 750 words per page to make “SEO copywriting” effective. Believe me, it was as painful to artfully weave all those keywords into the content as it was to read each mini-novel! I’m SO glad that […]


Video Conferencing on the Cheap

By Adriel Michaud

Once a day, Top Draw hosts a 5 minute daily meeting where we run through our project lists, share quick progress reports and let the team know if we need help jumping over any hurdles. These sessions are run in the Verne Harnish “adrenaline” style, if you’re interested. While we’ve had a few challenges with […]


Getting Started With Pinterest

By topdrawinc

I love Pinterest and use it on a regular basis. In fact, I recently gave a talk about Pinterest at our Online Marketing Meetup. That should come as no surprise since I find myself smack dab in the middle of the demographic that has turned this site into an overnight sensation! In its most basic form, […]