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Moving from GitHub to Bitbucket – Why and How

By Eddy Sims

GitHub is my source for everything from jQuery plugins to grid frameworks to PHP libraries, so why would we abandon it? Well, if you’re a developer working with large numbers of private repos, you might make the move too. Find out why Top Draw transferred to Bitbucket and how we made it happen.

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What does Top Draw look for in a Senior Web Developer?

By Tammy

Here at Top Draw, we have a fairly large development team for a boutique Web shop, consisting of four senior, one intermediate, and one junior developer. In the past year we’ve doubled our development team and I found the hardest position to fill was that of a senior Web developer. I’ve sat in on a […]

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Sublime Text: Making Fetch Happen

By Tammy

Wrong, Regina George! Fetch is SO going to happen. Fetch is amazing! NetTuts+ Fetch is a package for Sublime Text 2/3 that accesses a remote resource and downloads it into a directory or file of your choosing. Sounds simple, right? That’s because it is!

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Mobile First – Give your visitors what they want!

By Tammy

You’re headed for your appointment and you can’t remember where the building is located! You whip out your smartphone and search for their Web site. Horror of horrors, their Web site isn’t responsive; it shows you exactly what you’d see on a computer only teeny weeny so the whole page fits on your smartphone screen. […]

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Turbocharging your PHP coding with Sublime Text 2 and Emmet

By Tammy

I’m a PHP developer with a need for speed. I love Sublime Text 2 because it comes jam-packed with helpful features like color coded syntax, intelligent indenting of code and my favorite feature of all, the ability to add packages that enhance what is already a fantastic tool! If you, like me, look for ways […]