Staff Golf Trip!

One of the best things about summer is spending time outside. What’s even better? Spending that time on the golf course with your co-workers, especially those who are rookies at the sport. Last Friday, we spent the afternoon at Riverside Golf Course with the birds, the bees, and the marshal that kept telling Ken to turn his music down.

In the 25 degree weather, we had four teams on the course and some were much faster than others. Adriel, Peter and Gia were told to pick up the pace on the first hole! We played a round of 18 holes, raced around in our golf carts and had a few beer. Some of us were golfing like pros and some of us simply weren’t…but, we all had a lot of fun!

Golf Scores

After seeing some of the scores on the first hole, you may be curious about who was titled the overall winner. Any guesses? If you guessed Ken, you guessed right! Ken won with a score of 89.

Oh, and did I mention how professional we looked?

Peter at Golf

The staff golf trip gave us all a great opportunity to ditch the office for the afternoon, have a few laughs and fit in a little bonding time. After golf, our tired crew had a relaxing dinner at Earl’s and we were ready to call it a night. It’s amazing how much fresh air and a fun-filled trip can take out of you! Thanks for the wonderful afternoon!

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