5 Christmas Gift Ideas for Nerds

Do you have a nerd on your Christmas shopping list? Then you’ll want to start your online shopping now because the best nerd stuff needs time to ship to Canada!

Solar Puff

solar puff
Photo from Solight Design, Inc.

I backed a Kickstarter for these ingenious little light sources and I was 1000% satisfied with the end product. A SolarPuff (I call mine, ‘Puff-puff’) is a collapsable LED lantern with a solar cell in the base. The design of the SolarPuff is aesthetically pleasing and it gives off quite a bit of light with three different settings: low, high, and flashing. I’m still not sure what I’d use the flashing for, a little patio dance party ,perhaps? Or to signal smugglers? Yeah!

It’s also a great gift to give if you’re into making a charitable donation on the recipient’s behalf. I do this with Food For the Hungry. And now you can give the gift of light on behalf of your favourite nerd to regions in need, such as Nepal, Haiti, and Syria.

Star Wars BB-8 Droid

C’mon, you knew this awesome little Star Wars bot would be on the nerdy Christmas list, right? The BB-8 Droid is a creation by the amazing folks at Sphero.com, and it’s available at multiple outlets — just Google it! What’s also great is that you can control the BB-8 from a smartphone app. Check out this great video review from Cnet.

It’s already predicted to be one of the hottest toys of the holiday season, so order yours before they’re all gone.

A 3lb Gummy Worm

world's largest gummy worm
Photo from Vat 19

For the gummy lover in your life, how about wrapping up a three-pound, four thousand calorie gummy worm and calling it a Dune sandworm? It’s available in seven dual-flavours and you can add a little card that says, ‘The spice must flow.”


ferro fluid
Photo from Think Geek

Move over little magnetic balls that were banned because kids and pets ate them and say hello to the neatest new time waster on the market, Ferrofluid. Defined as, ‘a fluid containing a magnetic suspension’, Ferrofluid could also be described as bottle containing jam-packed FUN! ThinkGeek.com has a great little desktop toy with a sample of ferrofluid inside that you can tease and make dance with magnets.

3D Printer

Maybe your nerd has been extra good all year long and you feel he or she deserves something a little pricier this holiday season. Skip the (often exploding) hoverboard and splurge on a small 3D printer. There’s plenty of choices out there, but the three I recommend are:

The Peachy Printer

This is the least expensive 3D printer out of my picks, and part of the reason for that is it’s small and uses liquid resin instead of plastic pellets or coil. It’s pre-order only, so if you need it for Christmas it might not be available in time, but it’s a seriously cool nerd toy and could be worth the wait.

Printrbot Play

This small 3D printer is somewhat affordable at $400USD. The price is the same whether you get it pre-assembled or not. For the serious nerd in your life, give them the joy of learning by buying the un-assembled kit so they can put it together under the Christmas tree.

Solidoodle Press

How much do you love the nerd in your life? The Solidoodle Press is around $700 USD, but it’s beginner-friendly and stylish too.

How many of the things on this list of nerd Christmas gift ideas am I going to buy? The answer is 3. I’ll let you imagine which ones are the three I’m splurging on for the nerd in my life!

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