SEO Reporting With the New Google Analytics Interface

Note: this is involves a product under development, and as such, some of the features used or mentioned in this blog post will change.

With new features in the next version of the Google Analytics interface, reporting on SEO results, and ability to further analyze on the results is improving rapidly.  The dashboard interface, which can be used to provide quick views into important metrics, has recently received some upgrades to filtering that enables much more insightful reporting.  Using widgets within the Google Analytics interface, you can create customized dashboards that report on groups of information.

Let’s look at 1 common SEO reporting problem: separating out branded vs non-branded organic traffic.  Most brands have a certain amount of traffic coming in for their own brand names and unless you’ve got a very generic brand name, this traffic should be a sure win.  To see how your SEO is performing, you usually want to remove this branded traffic from the equation.

  1. Select the “Add a widget” link.
  2. Pick what kind of widget you want.  For SEO, I prefer seeing a timeline of organic traffic.  If you’ve got enough goal completions happening, you may also want to add “Total Goal Completions” as a secondary metric to compare and contrast with traffic.
  3. Finally, choose “don’t show” on keywords that match your brand name.  If you use the regexp option, you can put the pipe | symbol between brand names to select multiple keywords to remove.  Add brand names, misspellings of brand names, product names, and other key words.



This upgraded dashboard that Google has introduced is very slick and I’ve already used it to create some very cool reports.  I’ve created dashboards to monitor specific campaign initiatives, social media results, SEO, PPC, and more.  With a little bit of knowledge on what Google Analytics calls the different variables, I’ve found it very intuitive to create high visibility masterpieces of insight, adding clarity to viewing the inner workings of our website.  I’d highly encourage you to try it out today.


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