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Consistent with what we’ve come to expect from WordPress, security within this application is reliable and simple to manage. Just like a vehicle, however, it does take regular maintenance to keep it humming! Here are some best practices to ensure your WordPress website runs safely and securely.

Keep it Up to Date

First and foremost, keep the version of WordPress you’re running current. This goes for plugins as well; and is, without a doubt, the simplest and most effective way to keep your site safe. Updates serve to offer the latest technology, while staying one step ahead of the folks that might want to steal information, take down your site, or add in malicious code.

Keep in mind that you should only use third-party plugins and themes from reputable sources. It is easy for someone with less than desirable motives to add in harmful code to non-reputable plugins and themes.

Other Considerations

  • Install Akismet. One of the world’s best spam filters, Akismet is free and much less irritating than Captcha text. Say no to wavy text and hello to Akismet. You’ll thank us!
  • Use a strong password. A combination of letters, numbers and other characters is best. Even if you have to write it down, it’s the best way to go. “a3$t5ahk#gty” is much harder for someone to guess than say, “Password124”.
  • Change the name of the admin on the log-in screen. Since “admin” is the default for every WordPress site, make it a little bit harder for a would be evil-doer by changing your admin username to Suzy, Gary, or Tom (that is if your name is Suzy, Gary or Tom).
  • Maintain, maintain and maintain – your server, your content, your plug-ins, your themes and your version of WordPress. It really is the best way to stay ahead of the game. It’s quick and it’s easy, and compared to the cost of fixing issues after years of neglect, a malicious attack or a crash, a quick update and install periodically is much more cost effective.

Seems pretty simple doesn’t it? It is!

But a Word of Caution…

Having said all this…Do not close this browser and immediately update your website if you’ve neglected it for a few years. Very bad things could happen!  No doubt you’ve heard the old adage “it was outdated the day I bought it”? Well, a similar principle applies to websites. If you do an automatic update without doing your homework, your site will probably break and that is not the intent of this advice!

If you have any questions or concerns about making your website more secure, or performing all those pesky updates, give us a call! We can help!

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