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At Top Draw, we’re all about Creative Solutions, Measured Results. In fact, we may be overheard in sales and kickoff meetings stating that we are way more concerned about bottom line ROI than winning design awards. Not to say that we aren’t thrilled when the work of our talented designers catches the critical eye of a distinguished judging panel…

Tara Van Horn of PTI Group recently shared her excitement with us when she found out that their website, which we launched last year, won an award at an international competition! The site took first place in the Marketing Pieces – Website category at the Modular Building Institute’s 2014 Awards of Distinction. Check out the winning submission.

Effect on Sales, Visits or Inquiries

According to the submission, here is a summary of the impact that the website has had for this international turnkey accommodations provider:

With our strategic, user-friendly, responsive design, we have seen substantial improvements in our website usage stats. Our 30% improvement in bounce rate means that many more visitors are finding what they are looking for and are diving deep on the website to get more information and engage further with us on the new website. Website users also reach their objectives in a more streamlined manner. Our newly built website drives potential job seekers through to PTI’s human resources platform and, overall, provides greater functionality for users compared with the previous website. We have taken advantage of technology and added new functionality including: request for information forms, newsletter subscriptions, online room booking request buttons, enhanced product layouts and collateral downloads which have had a tremendously positive response with clients and our sales teams. Most importantly our new site is helping qualify leads and enhance our exposure to new clients.

Tara rounded out her email message to our team with the following, “Thank you all for your talent, hard work and perhaps above all, patience with us and this project. I hope that you share our joy and satisfaction in the recognition.”

Congratulations PTI Group! We absolutely do!

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