Online Marketing Lingo

Here we go again–more words and phrases that are handy to know to improve your understanding of the online world. Becoming increasingly popular, online marketing is a powerful tool with the ability to reach millions. How many of the following online marketing terms do you know?

  • Ad Banner: an online advertisement that is linked to another website
  • Ad Blocking: preventing ads from appearing on a computer
  • Ad Space: the locations on the web that are reserved for online advertisements
  • Affiliate Marketing: a performance-based type of marketing where one business (publisher) is rewarded for helping another business promote their product, service and/or website
  • Bait and Switch: placing keywords on a site with the intent of tricking search engines into listing the site whenever those words are searched Marketing
  • CTR (Click Through Rate): the percentage of individuals that click on an ad when they see it
  • Content Marketing: the process of creating valuable, relevant content for various marketing channels
  • Conversion Rate: a measurement of the percentage of website or ad viewers who take a desired action (ex. make an online purchase, submit a form, etc.)
  • Directory Advertising: any type of advertising found on a directory
  • Geotargeting: targeting audiences and prospects based on geographic location
  • House Ad: an ad that a company places on their own website; typically done if a company is unable to fill their ad space
  • Interactive Marketing: creating campaigns that individuals interact with (ex. Racing video game featuring Nissan GTRs)
  • Paid Listings: listings that are sold to online advertisers
  • Permission Marketing: individuals give consent to receive various types of marketing information
  • Reach: the percentage of a company’s total audience that is attracted to their website, advertisement, etc.
  • Social Ad: small, banner-like ads placed on users’ social networking profile pages

There you have it, online marketing lingo in a nutshell. The next time someone throws one of these online marketing terms at you, you’ll know how to handle it.

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