OMMYEG: 19th February Round-Up

After receiving some great feedback both offline, at the Online Marketing Meetup itself, and online on our Meetup page, the team here at Top Draw is pleased to bring you one central source for all things OMMYEG: the Top Draw blog!

Following each event, we’ll be collating the evening’s presentations, links to all websites and software mentioned and any additional topics touched on in one ‘Round-Up’ post which we’ll then link to on the events meetup page for all to access.

For those of you who may be regulars to the Top Draw blog but may not be familiar to this ‘OMMYEG’ we speak of, you can find out more over at SEMPO Canada, What is OMMYEG? or the Online Marketing Meetup page. We’re always looking for guest speakers, so if you’d like to present on anything from your favourite web framework to Nyan Cat get in touch at

Without further ado, here are the show notes from OMMYEG, held Wednesday 19th February, 2014.

We had 3 speakers, Tammy Valgardson, Jacquelyn Cardinal and Natalie Wright.

Tammy Valgardson

Mobile First – Give Your Visitors What They Want!: Tammy ran through her beautifully crafted blog post with the crowd on Wednesday, discussing the differences between the mobile first development approach and other more traditional methods. With preceding discussions on app vs. fully responsive solutions, this blog post is not one to miss.

Natalie Wright

An Introduction to Screaming Frog: Natalie gave us a brief introduction into the lightweight yet robust SEO spider software, Screaming Frog. Discussing how to identify lengthy title tags, meta descriptions and broken external links, Natalie aimed to give the audience a way to gain power over managing their on-site SEO.

Moz Keyword Difficulty Tool: As part of the free site audit conducted by Natalie with an audience members website, Natalie discussed her keyword research methods. This tool is one way she recommends you use to identify competition.

Google Keyword Planner: Natalie recommends this tool published by Google as one of the best ways to obtain keyword ideas in the initial stages of your keyword research.

UberSuggest: This tool fills in the blanks by providing additional searches pulled from Google Instant.

Jacquelyn Cardinal

Podcasts and Why They’re Awesome: Jacquelyn spoke about a very effective marketing tool by introducing the OMMYEG audience to her top digital marketing podcasts.

Internet Marketing Podcast: Run by Kelvin Newman of SiteVisibility, Jacquelyn expressed her enjoyment of this podcast series and highlighted the variety of each episode.

Smart Passive Income: Hosted and produced by Pat Flynn, Jacquelyn welcomed us to this well established podcast and how practical the tips offered always seem to be.

Six Pixels of Separation Marketing: Although a new listener, Jacquelyn expressed her excitement at this podcast series and urged OMMYEG attendees to check it out.

Social Triggers Insider: The original inspiration for her presentation topic, Jacquelyn considers this podcast to be her favourite as it looks at marketing from a psychological and behavioural economics standpoint that can be easily applied to generate leads or sales online.

That’s all for this month’s OMMYEG! We hope to see you at our March event. Don’t forget to sign up on our Meetup page. The first drink is on us!

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