New Top Draw Website is Launched

One of the great things about WordPress, the platform we use to build websites, is that once you’re on it, it’s easy to re-skin and update the look. We chose to quietly launch our new website a couple weeks ago as we continued updating and rewriting content. Soft launching often results in better real world feedback and better assigned priorities. Taking advantage of usage analytics also helps direct immediate tweaks to your site.

Our previous website was our first go at merging web and SEO copy from the integration of Epiar and Top Draw. Our new website is organized in a way that better segments audiences and offers better flexibility for future services.

The goals of our new website

  • Updated design
  • A better mobile experience. Our new site looks fantastic on a tablet or smartphone.
  • A re-organized portfolio area that makes it easy and fun to browse through our past projects.
  • A bigger focus on the blog. We have made a concentrated effort in establishing our blog with more content, and needed to show it off better than before.
  • More flexibility in content areas. We’ve incorporated a system of shortcodes that enables us to use a variety of looks without having to create brand new templates AND without breaking the mobile friendliness of the website.

Take a look around and tell us what you think!

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