New Earth Group Website Changes Lives

When Kori Chilibeck walked into our office in 2005, he had an idea on a napkin; an idea to take a commodity that we too often take for granted and use it to make an impact on world hunger. His vision was to sell bottled water and use 100% of the net proceeds to provide food and water to people in need. We were compelled by the concept and motivated by Kori’s passion. We instantly knew that Top Draw needed to play an integral role in this important project.

Our first assignment was to create a brand for Earth Water – a logo, stationery and bottle design. As the company evolved and grew, we provided support through the development of sales and marketing tools. This professional identity opened the door for this determined team to establish a relationship with the United Nations World Food Programme.

In order to keep pace with their international growth, it was time to transform their Earth Coffee website into an online presence for Earth Group—the amalgamation of all facets of the enterprise.

Their new e-commerce website uses powerful graphics to tell their story and allows people all over the world to buy Earth Water, Earth Coffee and Earth Tea online. Earth Group staff also have the ability to post news about new and upcoming initiatives and projects. We encourage you to visit their website, read their story and make a point of buying Earth Water, Earth Coffee and Earth Tea instead of your regular brand. You buy these products anyway. Why not make a difference in the world with every purchase?

Congratulations Kori and your team on your continued growth and success! We are privileged to be a part of such a wonderful cause.

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