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Greetings! My name is Peter Wegren and I am one of the most recent additions to the Top Draw team. I am a recent graduate of the Digital Media and IT (DMIT) program at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology and, naturally, I was very excited to have the opportunity to join a such great team at a well-established internet marketing agency here in Edmonton.

During my academic tenure at NAIT, I took classes in web and graphic design and development, and, in the last year of my studies, I focused on web development. I am a self-proclaimed ‘typophile’, audiophile, and nerd with a penchant for most science fiction and fantasy-related literature and cinema. Well-formed code, elegant and/or engaging programming solutions, and anything else that indulges my order-focused neuroses are guaranteed to delight my nerdy tendencies.

My academic career did not begin at NAIT, but rather at the University of Alberta. At the time of my early acceptance into the Faculty of Science, my plan was to complete a bachelor’s degree and then apply for graduate studies in Physiotherapy. After declaring a major in Psychology, a change to Earth & Atmospheric Science, and three years of undergraduate studies, I found myself questioning my career trajectory and motivation to continue with my studies.

The DMIT program at NAIT was one that piqued my interest. It was an ideal blend of courses that catered towards my interests in visual design and science/technology. In the spring of 2011, after deciding to leave the U of A, I applied for admission to the DMIT program. Two years later, I have graduated from NAIT and am part of the team at TopDraw!

Being new to the web industry, my learning curve has drastically increased, especially since completing my program. I welcome all of the opportunities that come my way to learn from others who have more experience than myself, as well as to learn new tools, workflows, and programming languages. Beginning my career in the web industry has put into perspective how much I have yet to learn and will continue to learn as I work with others, and am exposed to tools and technologies that I have not worked with before.

Some wisdom that has served me well is: It is okay to be uncertain of your academic or occupational career path. It is okay to change your mind about what you want to do or should be doing as an academic or life career. Worry more about finding success in something that you are passionate about.

Learning does not end with the completion of formal education; it begins with a career.

Peter at work on a recent project at Top Draw

Peter at work on one of our most recent projects.

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