NAIT Promotional Campaign Planning Awards Banquet

For the past 32 years, NAIT has held an awards banquet for students enrolled in the Promotional Campaign Planning course. As part of the curriculum, students create campaigns for various clients and present their proposals to their peers and the course instructor. After the class presentations, the top teams are judged by a panel of industry professionals. Upon completion of the final presentation, the panel provides constructive feedback and determines the winners of numerous awards.

NAIT Promotional Campaign Planning Awards Banquet

During the awards banquet, each campaign proposal, including the documents and graphics, is displayed. Dinner is served, then awards are presented. Awards include Best Overall Campaign, Best Presentation, The Big Idea, Excellence in Brand Management, Best Direct Marketing Piece and Visual Excellence. Each award is sponsored and presented to the winners by representatives of companies in the industry.

Top Draw has been involved with the NAIT Promotional Campaign Planning Awards Banquet for over five years and has sponsored the Visual Excellence award for the last five years. During the 2013 awards banquet, I graciously accepted this award, presented by Ken Jurina. The irony? Not only am I now employed at Top Draw, but Ken also won this same award when he completed this course at NAIT.

NAIT’s Promotional Campaign Planning course allows students to create and complete campaign proposals for actual clients, which prepares them for real world situations. This course, as well as the awards banquet, also offers students the opportunity to improve their public speaking skills and meet influential industry professionals. Overall, this course has been a challenging, exciting, rewarding experience, and I thank NAIT for providing individuals with this exceptional opportunity.

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