Movember Update: Week #2

Two weeks into Movember and there is some serious facial hair action happening around the Top Draw office.

Appearances have been altered drastically enough that laughter echoes through the office when participants walk into a room, or pass in darkened hallways, first thing in the morning.

Okay, so the laughter and shrieks of surprise are mostly reserved for our UX designer Taylor – the most dutiful shaver of the bunch. His moustache really pops against that “fresh, shaved daily” face of his. Insult or compliment, he can’t quite decide, but he keeps hearing that his new look suits him.

Perhaps not all as comment worthy as Taylor’s, the mo’s continue to grow.

What do you think? Is it too early to start placing bets on the best moustache of 2011?

Team Update:

At the time of posting, our team has raised $295 – we’re hoping to break the $500 mark before the end of the month. Want to help? You can click here to donate. Rest assured, the funds bypass our mustachioed hands – all funds go directly to the Movember Foundation and Prostate Cancer Canada

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