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The scenario:

It’s early in the morning and you arrive at work and find that your store has been broken into. While you wait for the police to arrive, you sit in your car, frustrated and wondering what you could have done to prevent the break-in. Wanting to be proactive with a solution and help pass the time, you start to research security systems on your phone.

While that exact scenario probably only comprises a small percentage of the spike we’re discussing, it does illustrate a point. The mass availability of mobile devices is changing the game for many businesses because it allows people to access information with immediacy. Time is no longer a luxury. People are squeezing every spare moment out of their days and they’re sharing those moments with their mobile devices.

One of our customers who sells security products has seen a jump of 292% in their mobile traffic in the last year. If this trend continues, the mobile share for this site will be at 29% by the end of 2012. And while we hope that most customers browse under better circumstances than those we outlined above, wouldn’t it be nice to know that your customers could access the information they need on a mobile device when they require it the most?

For more information about how we got these numbers, check out Crunching the Numbers On Mobile Usage.

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