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One of the distinguishing features of non-profit organizations is their creativity and drive to utilize every opportunity available. This ingenuity makes sense when you consider that the bulk of operations is often supported by volunteer time and resources.

Mobile trends are important to non-profits because more and more supporters will be looking to interact with them via their mobile devices.

How many times have you been on your way to an event and needed directions? At a benefit and wished you could use your phone to donate? Or been so impressed that you wanted to find out how and when you can volunteer? A responsive website would make all of this possible, from a mobile device.

The websites for a couple of not-for-profit organizations we work with experienced a significant increase in traffic within the past year – 307% and 414% respectively. Based on this trend, we are forecasting  that by the end of 2012, mobile usage for both organizations will be a solid 30-35% of all site visits. Bottom line: even for NPO’s with tiny marketing budgets, the return on investment for a responsive website is huge.

Wondering how we crunched the numbers? Also see trends across other industries – Mobile + Municipal Government, Mobile + Security Products and Mobile + Construction.

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