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More and more companies are arming their field employees with mobile devices. This makes sense from a communication point of view; but imagine that employee is at a remote site and needs to replace a broken piece of equipment. Instead of halting an entire project and enlisting a colleague at home base to try to track down the necessary part, a mobile device provides immediate access to parts and perhaps even delivery while they’re still on site. That’s what we like to call, a win.


Mobile devices are increasing efficiency for many arms of a business operation. In fact, it appears that more and more business owners and procurement officers are using cell phones and tablets to seek out construction companies for upcoming projects. Add to that the growing number of potential employees looking for their next job on their Blackberry, iPhone or Android device, and it’s no wonder that the construction industry has experienced a 313% growth in mobile traffic over the past year. This is projected to account for 23% of all users by end of 2012.

It’s across numerous industries and it can’t be ignored. See the trends for municipal government, security products and non-profits, as well as how we crunched the numbers.

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2 thoughts on “Mobile + Construction

  1. These numbers prove how important it is to have a mobile friendly website and how important the usability of it is. When people in the field are using there phone to find a company in a pinch they are looking for a phone number usually.

    We can also confirm the increase use of mobile devices in the field. We have a project company up building an app for a company for their field workers to use.

    1. Definitely! Usability is such an important consideration for the mobile demographic. Cool to hear that you’re seeing similar trends in the same field.

      Thanks for the comment. :)

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