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Meet the Top Draw Team is a new feature for 2012. We thought it would be a great way to share a little bit about the awesome people in our company. First up is Nick Pierno, one of our brilliant Search Marketing Strategists.

Nick’s Twitter profile reads:
I sing in the car. I work for the internet. I’d like to write more. #haiku

Here’s what a client had to say after a recent SEO consultation meeting with Nick:
“I have nothing to say but great things. I thought Nick was well prepared, knew his stuff, tailored it to my blog and goals, explained his recommendations well and I like how he made some immediate changes right there and then.”

Would you like to know even more about Nick? Read on!

How long have you been with Top Draw?
It will be 3 years in April.

What has been your favorite Top Draw project to date?
Hard to say. They’ve all been uniquely challenging and interesting.

What do you like best about working here?
Continually growing my overall knowledge and confidence in web design, development and marketing.

Got a quick SEO tip to share with your fans?
First you get the keyword research, then you get the title tags, content & inbound links, then you get the power.

How or why did you work your way into this career choice?
Initially, I just wanted to learn how to build a photography portfolio, having just bought my first SLR camera. Turns out I opened a can of worms that would be ever-intriguing and full of new problems to solve and new things to learn.

I eventually found myself experimenting with the popular CMS’s and then ultimately, with WordPress (which Top Draw now uses for the bulk of projects). I found these so empowering that I started building websites whenever I had an excuse. All the while I was indirectly building an understanding of how people find websites. One day I happened upon a job opening at Epiar, which offered the opportunity to further explore the current state of seo and build a career in web marketing. I applied, got the job and the rest is history.

I just recently completed my photography portfolio/site.

Did you have any interesting jobs as a kid?
In chronological order; I swept out the dust out of a large seed factory for a family friend, I was a cashier at Save On Foods, I vacuumed out cars at Bubbles carwash, and I delivered pizza for Panago. This took me roughly to the end of high school.

Any crazy items on your bucket list?
I want to see the Roman ruins and Egyptian pyramids. I’d love to take a trip to Earth’s outer atmosphere. I also one day would love to live in a mountain village and snowboard daily.

If your project involves search engine optimization, you may have the opportunity to work with Nick. We appreciate his easy-going nature, how quickly he grasps all things web, his expertise and his insightful contributions to all discussions and projects.

Be sure to check back next month as we’ll interview the most tenured developer on the Top Draw team, Karim Jetha!

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