Meet the Top Draw Team: Karim Jetha

Second on the list for our Meet the Top Draw Team feature is: Karim Jetha!

As the most tenured member of the Top Draw team, Karim brings with him a wealth of experience, a great deal of knowledge and a keen sense of humour. Want to find out what has kept him around for so long? Read on!

How long have you been with Top Draw?
I’ve been with Top Draw for eight years this April. I was a bright-eyed rookie when I started here and now I’m a seasoned veteran!

What has been your favorite Top Draw project to date?
I’ve worked on a large variety of projects throughout the years, so it’s difficult to choose just one. I enjoyed and learned a lot on a couple of recent projects. River City Events was a fully responsive site which looks amazing, while Danatec was an e-commerce site with many custom elements. Both had their challenges, but I was proud of the final products and enjoyed working on both.

What do you like best about working here?
There are many perks, but if I had to narrow it down to one, I’d have to say the people. I’ve had the privilege of working alongside and learning from so many wonderful, talented, and creative people. It’s a pleasure coming to work when you can count the people around you as friends—not just colleagues.

Got a quick dev tip to share with your fans?
Learn the basics first. A good understanding of programming logic, problem solving, fundamental computing concepts and databases is a necessity for learning and understanding a variety of programming languages and applications.

How or why did you work your way into this career choice?
I’ve been involved with computers since a very young age, starting with with a Texas Instruments TI-99 (yes, that far back). It was always a big hobby for me growing up, and it seemed a natural fit to pursue as a career. I initially entered the Engineering program at the U of A, but quickly found that wasn’t going to be my path in life, so I went back to my love of computers and completed the Computer System Technology program at NAIT.

Did you have any interesting jobs as a kid?
Hmmm… not really! I was intensely involved in my studies during the school year, so I typically didn’t work much in the summer. I did some labour work here and there, as well as working in a call centre for a month one summer. Yawn.

Any crazy items on your bucket list?
I don’t know how crazy these are, but I’d be thrilled to be able to accomplish them!

I’d like to become fluent in Spanish, as my fiancée is from Chile and I’d like to be able to communicate with her family and friends without a translator. As a bit of a WWII buff, I’d love to travel through Europe to see the historical sites (and sample the food!). I’d particularly like to visit Normandy, where the D-Day invasion took place. I also occasionally dabble in creative writing, so I’d love to write an original short story, novel, or screenplay.

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