Meet Our Newest Project Managers


Construction and renovations aren’t the only big changes for Top Draw. Our team has grown with the addition of two new project managers: Katherine Duffy and Alexandria Morrison! We also welcome back Pamela Santos who returns to us after her maternity leave.

Meet Katherine (“Kath”) Duffy

Kath comes to us from Toronto with a wealth of experience in the project management industry, with clients including Google, Facebook, Mozilla, and Disney. As a curious and technically savvy addition to our PM team, Kath brings an exciting perspective and invaluable insight to any project.

Meet Alexandria (“Alex”) Morrison

As Top Draw’s first traffic manager, Alex brings hands-on experience, technical knowledge and a palpable energy to our team. Her quest of ridding the world of bad websites and enlightening those on the importance of SEO starts here in Canada, with her fully Google-certified muscles as weapons.

These two additions are welcomed with open arms and bring new sparks to an already creative team. We’re thrilled to have them on board! We know you will be too.

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