I Love Ad Extensions & You Should Too: How To Use Adwords Ad Extensions


 How to use Ad extensions in Google Adwords

I remember the first day at my first PPC job that wasn’t freelance work. At that time, I took over 38 accounts and was just this starry eyed PPC lover who thought using ad extensions was standard in account creation. I was wrong. I guess my predecessor didn’t see the value of ad extensions, which is completely fair but a little silly at the same time.

I know right now, you’re probably asking – what are ad extensions, Ameet? If you keep reading, I will tell you!

Ad extensions allow you to make your ads more relevant to your target audience that is looking for information about your company or product on Google by providing a little more information which may help get a better response. According to Google:

Ad extensions are a type of ad format that show extra information (“extending” from your text ads) about your business. Some can be added manually and other are automated. AdWords shows one or more extensions with your ad when it calculates that the extension (or combination of extensions) will improve your campaign performance, and when your AdRank is high enough for it to appear. Adding an extension won’t guarantee that it will show with your ad.. .

When ad extensions were officially introduced in 2009, the Ad Sitelinks extension was the only one available, then years later Google released two more extension and now, in 2014, we have six and it’s wonderful. I’ll go over all six of the manual ad extensions (note: there are automatic ad extensions as well, but I will just be going over manual ad extensions) for you one by one:

Sitelink Extensions

The sitelinks ad extension allows you to show four links to specific pages on your website that appear directly underneath your text ad. The webpage you have selected for your text ad to land on doesn’t count against the sitelinks, so you have a total of five links that go back to your website in one ad! Now, if your ad doesn’t necessarily answer your potential customer’s search query, you have given them four more options to choose from. It’s pretty nifty which is why it’s my favorite and the first on my list. This is what it your potential customer will see if sitelinks appear for their query:

Ad Extensions: Ad Sitelinks
Image Source: Google

 Call Extensions

Personally, I believe that the call ad extension is the best ad extension if you’re running mobile search ads and I don’t think there will be many that disagree with me on this. Call extensions encourage potential customers to call your business by showing your phone number in the text ad or will show a clickable call button with your ad (as shown below). This extension makes it easier for potential customers to call you while they’re running off to do their next errand. Typically, the click-through-rate increases by 6-8% when this extension is used. When I set up this extension I recommend that my client use a call tracking number because then we’ll have the most accurate number of how many calls the campaign has generated which allows us to get a better idea of our ROAS (return on ad spend).

Ad Extensions: Ad Call Extension
Image Source: Google


Location Extensions

Location extensions show your business address, phone number and a map marker. If you’re on a mobile device, the map marker/business address will click-through to Google Maps, so now your potential customer can quickly get directions to your location! This ad extension encourages potential customers to come into your place of business to visit you in person. The extension is easy to implement in your campaign, all you need to do is link your Google My Business to your campaign and presto, the location extension will start appearing (again, Google determines whether or not the extension will show).  To make things better, this extension can see a 10% increase in click-through. This is what it looks like:

Ad Extension: Ad Location Extension
Image Source: Google

Review Extensions

For me, nothing compares to someone, whether it be a boss or peer, congratulating me on a job well done; I assume this goes for any business owner. Just like you and I, business’ want to brag about how someone thought that they did a great job and the review extension let you do exactly that! With this extension you can share your positive reviews, awards and/or third party rankings with potential customers. This review not only  creates trust between you and the potential customer but, also, puts you a step ahead of your competition!  This is what the review extension looks like:

Ad Extension: Ad Review Extension
Image Source: Google

 App Extensions

Although the app extension isn’t an extension I have had the pleasure of utilizing, it’s, obviously, great for promoting an app that was created by the company you’re advertising. The app extension allows you to create a link to your mobile or tablet app from your text ads. If you’re looking to increase ad downloads or simply promote the app, this extension was created for you!

Ad Extension: App Extension
Image Source: Google

 Callout Extensions

For those who are looking for an extra 25 characters, the baby of the ad extension family is the extension for you. The extension allows you to provide a little more detail about your business, product and/or service you offer. This is what the extension looks like in the ad:

Ad Extension: Callout Extension
Image Source: Google


Ad extensions are tools that any business can utilize to maximize their results from AdWords! It’s just a matter of figuring out which extensions will be beneficial for your business.

Thank you for reading my incredibly long post; I really appreciate it. If you have any questions about ad extensions or would like to get more information about how to get started on a PPC campaign that will utilize ad extensions, please feel free to contact Top Draw today!

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