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10 Sites to use for link building as a freelance writer

If you’re trying to acquire some good links for your own site, here are some great places you can apply to write for:

You’ve probably seen a lot of Examiner stories come across your Facebook and Twitter feeds. They publish a ton of different stuff on just about every subject and there a huge number of categories that need writers. is a super popular site and their articles appear almost everywhere online. They are actively looking for writers for such categories as; food, health, home, money, tech and sports.

If you haven’t heard of Cracked or read any of their stuff, then you’re probably dead. They are a massive source for funny, quirky, weird or downright awesome content. You even get paid for writing for them. From Cracked; whether you need cigarette money for the summer or you’re aspiring to get a real writing career, it’s a great deal either way.

If you’re looking to write about tech, science or business, then this is a great place to do it. They’re not interested in how-to’s or fluff pieces though such as “The 12 Happiest Pandas You’ll Meet Today”. They want stuff about how science and technology affect us as human beings.

Life Hack is a popular site where you can write about HTML, CSS, Java, Web Design, Up and Coming Technology and anything else web development related.

Site Point has 8 main channels; HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Ruby, Mobile/App development, UX and Design. They’ve also been known to publish articles related to Marketing. If you’ve just built your client an amazing website that’s chock full of all the fancy new technologies, then this would be a great place to showcase it.

Their submission form is extremely straightforward; make an account, put in your funny article and hit ‘submit’. They’ll let you know if your content was accepted, and they’ll even give you $25 for your trouble. Your content had better be good though!

 This is a popular UK based news type site. If you’re in the volunteer or non-profit sector, they are willing to look at your proposed content for publication. They want contributions that take the form of comment and opinion, analysis or best practice advice though. I love that they actually encourage you to link lots from your article. As many links as you want in fact.

You’ll be writing news reports about specific topics (for example Pet Health). No opinion pieces or satire are accepted. You must also have a Google AdSense account because you will be earning money. Some of the topics you can cover are; Health freedom legislation, healing foods and phytonutrients, medicinal herbs and food safety. 

Not necessarily for securing links but if you’re feeling amorous you can write a romance story, or even a novel for Harlequin. Freaking HARLEQUIN, people. This could easily lead to other writing gigs. Or maybe even a girlfriend. 

If you know of any more BIG sites that accept writer contributions, please share them in the comments. The best ones will be added to this article for all to see. I’ll even credit you with a link!


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