What Kind of Music Would Top Draw Recommend?

I try to keep an open mind and try new things and as part of that, I recently wanted to try some new music. I also wanted to show a little more of Top Draw to the world, so that new job applicants or prospective clients could know us better. What better than a selection of music that people around the office like? I chose a new person each day and asked them what music they might suggest for me, without letting any of them know that I was compiling all results for a blog post (cue evil laughter). I then listened to that genre all day. It ended up feeling like a month where I let other people pick the radio station. Results and links to the related playlist on Songza are below:

August 22nd, Friday: Adriel listens to Chiptune

August 25th, Monday: Kathleen suggests Radiohead

August 26th, Tuesday: Steve suggests Explosions in the Sky

August 27th, Wednesday: Kimberly suggests Death Metal

August 28th, Thursday: Sandenn suggests Smooth Jazz

August 29th, Friday: Alyssa suggests Led Zeppelin, Metallica

September 2nd, Tuesday: Wendy suggests Happy Pop

September 3rd, Wednesday: Mark suggests Psybient

September 4th, Thursday: Tammy suggests Janelle Monae

September 5th, Friday: Eddy suggests Hip Hop

September 8th, Monday: Wilson suggests Trance

September 9th, Tuesday: Peter suggests Modern R&B

September 10th, Wednesday: Kim suggests Folk Rock or Indie Folk

September 15th, Monday: Cindy suggests Lite Pop Relaxation

September 16th, Tuesday: Karim suggests Hard Rock

September 17th, Wednesday: Don suggests Alt Rock

September 18th, Thursday: Natalie suggests Chill Dubstep

September 19th, Friday: Ken suggests Christmas (seriously.)

September 22nd, Monday: Nick suggests Prog Rock

September 23rd, Tuesday: Gia suggests Rihanna


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