Justin Bieber Shows Up Everywhere

According to our keyword research, last year Justin Bieber was searched an estimated 5,200,000 times. Over 5 million times!

Let’s put this into perspective, that is:

That is a whole lot of searches!

The top 5 most popular annual searches around Justin Beiber are:

1)      Justin Beiber: 453,270

2)      Justin Bieber Shirtless: 441,752

3)      Justin Bieber One Time: 201,458

4)      Justin Bieber Wallpapers: 145,908

5)      Bieber Fever: 134,617

Looking through keyword research for our clients here at Top Draw, we almost always come across pop culture references. More recently, the floppy haired Canadian kid Justin Bieber is invading our keyword space. In our keyword research for one client, we found the search term “Justin Bieber’s home phone number” and in research for a retailer it was “Justin Bieber in swim trunks”.

Bieber mania has taken over the world. According to Google Trends, the top regions experiencing Bieber fever are:

1)      Indonesia

2)      The Philippines

3)      Peru

4)      Australia

5)      Canada

The US comes in at number 6 and the UK comes in at number 7.


Just for fun, here are some interesting search phrases around Justin Beiber:

1)      Bieber hit by bottle – 46,574

2)      Justin Bieber dead – 34,728

3)      Justin Bieber haircut – 34,834

4)      Justin Bieber gay – 18,198

5)      Justin Bieber twitter – 17,848

6)      Justin Bieber tattoo – 15,621

7)      Justin Biebers phone number – 13,561

8)      Who is Justin Bieber – 7,751

9)      Justin Biebers real cell phone number – 6,783

10)  Justin Bieber goofing – 5,512

11)  Justin Bieber arrested – 3,350

12)  Justin Bieber crying – 2,026

13)  I hate Justin Bieber – 1,570

14)  Justin Bieber armpit hair – 766

I am personally thankful that Paris Hilton has been kicked off as the top searched celebrity.  Unfortunately for Beliebers, this can’t last forever. In our experience, pop culture fad Google searches last about two to three years. Who do you think the next highly searched celebrity will be?

— Jennifer Banks, Business Development Manager

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