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Do you want to positively contribute to your corporate culture? Could your staff benefit from sharing insight on technical aspects of their jobs or trade secrets? Would you like a break from the monotony of the Monday to Friday lunch hour? Then you should consider hosting a “Lunch & Learn” for your team.

Lunch & Learns have a variety of names but they all follow the same simple format:

#1 Book a space
#2 Find a presenter
#3 Select a day
#4 Bring lunch!

Seriously. It’s that easy.

This week the majority of the Top Draw team are giving up our lunch hours to attend a series of Lunch & Learns hosted by our development team. The goal is that by the end of the week, every person that attends the series will have a more intimate knowledge of WordPress and our development process as a whole… Extremely helpful for a small team like ours were there are a lot of overlapping skill sets and opportunities to share work loads.

That said, there are no rules that state that Lunch & Learns have to be business related, but it is pretty cool when these mini-seminars can actually help move your business forward. You can have people present on anything they’re passionate about!

Do you do anything similar at your company? We’d love to hear about it!

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