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World Leader in Cancer Research

Over the past 2 decades, Alberta has gone from being a non-starter in prostate cancer to a potential world-leader, thanks to revolutionary work being done right here in Edmonton. Trained in the development of nanoparticles, which are used medically for drug delivery and imaging, Dr. John Lewis and his research team have developed a breakthrough drug, appropriately named Tumour Glue. This incredible drug has been shown to stop cancer in its tracks by:

  • preventing tumour cells from detaching (clinically known as metastasis – the deadliest aspect of cancer) and
  • predicting prostate cancer metastasis

It can also be applied to ALL metastatic cancers, including breast cancer. “If we can use “smart” drugs that home in on tumours, we can dramatically decrease side effects for patients, lower the chance of recurrence and hopefully increase the cancer survival rate”, suggests Dr. John Lewis.

Top Draw infographic tells the story

The accompanying infographic provides a visual overview of Dr. Lewis’ work, which is featured as the 2013 case for support for the Cross Cancer Institute Golf Classic. Celebrating the event’s 25th anniversary next summer, the Alberta Cancer Foundation has begun its sponsorship drive with the release of this story-telling marketing piece this week. It also highlights the intriguing story of how Dr. Lewis found his way to Edmonton as well as important aspects of his work.

A proud long-time sponsor of this annual tournament, Top Draw is thrilled to unveil this powerful infographic (created by our own talented designer, Wendy Yeung) with the intent of securing sponsorship and raising funds for Dr. Lewis’ work. The CCI Golf Classic has generated over $9 million since its inception and the Foundation is hoping to tip the scale past the $10 million in 2013. Based on the incredible growth the event has enjoyed, organizers are very optimistic.

What can you do to help?

Ken Jurina, our President and Organizing Committee Member for nearly 15 years, says “It’s amazing to see what the tournament has grown into, and a true honor to meet the doctors that are doing this groundbreaking work. This tournament has made a tremendous local impact on cancer research and treatment through the purchase of equipment, software and by bringing world-class talent to our city. I encourage every business owner in Edmonton to consider joining Alberta’s cancer-free movement by becoming a tournament sponsor or contributing the necessary funds. It takes so much time and money to get life-saving drugs into clinical practice. We have all the ingredients we need right here, right now, to shorten this time span and change the face of prostate cancer. Let’s work together to make this happen!”

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