Guest Blog: Thomas Roskewich

Hi, my name is Thomas; I am a grade 10 student in Junior Achievement who has been shadowing Top Draw.  In Junior Achievement, you make a company from scratch and build your own product and sell it like a real business. At the end of JA, you liquidate all of your materials and the profits are split by shares. It is a really fun program, and I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in marketing and management.


When I am online, one of my favourite programs that I like to use is Steam. Steam is a game store library that you can buy games and download them, all online. One of the last games I purchased was Starbound. It’s like Terraria but it has rocket ships and space travel, so it’s better. The first game I ever played on steam was Team Fortress 2, back when you had to pay for it. Luckily I got a guest pass, and figured out that it didn’t work because my computer back then was terrible.

With Steam, it is easy to fill your library with games since they go on sale frequently. Steam is probably the best game service out there with its huge selection of games and demos.

If I ever get really bored, I might go on Andkon arcade. It’s a website that has a bunch of free fun games that can range from extremely difficult to extremely easy. They have games sectioned off into different areas so if you want a certain genre of games you can easily find them. Andkon also has a search feature, so if you have a game that you really like, you can use the search to find it quickly. Andkon will always be fun, but they seem to not be updating anymore, which is a shame.

When I want to get more games, I would usually buy a Humble bundle. Humble bundles are game bundles that you can pay what you want for them and you can choose where you want your money to go to. Your money can go towards charity, the game developers or the Humble Bundle website, which I find is great how most of the profit goes to charity. The Humble Bundle also has weekly, smaller game bundles but the ones that you will probably want to grab are the ones on the front page since they can contain full, well-known games. When you can’t find a game in a package that you want, there is always the store. On the store, you can find games that could be cheaper then Steams deals, so you could save around 10$. If you want a game, check on the Humble Store first, 10% of each purchase goes to charity

Thomas came into Top Draw on Wednesday as part of his Junior Achievement program, we immediately put him to work…

Thomas chose to write about his favourite activities while online. The particular factors that go into his decisions around purchasing games, even identifying the preference to purchase games via the Humble Store, due to their commitment to charity. Thomas even gave a critique on the various online gaming platforms, ranking choice as a key factor in determining his brand loyalty. Thomas’ generation has essentially grown up online and his blog post provided a glimpse at a demographic that are much more discriminate in their consumerism, then many give them credit for.

Thanks again for the awesome post Thomas.

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