The Greatest Form of Flattery

It’s no secret that designers (web and otherwise) draw considerable inspiration from, well.. other design. However, there’s a delicate balance between inspiration and passing someone else’s hard work off as your own.

We’ve had a few run-ins with rip-offery over the years, but we recently stumbled upon a new web design firm that appears to have literally copied our site’s code, made a few colour and image tweaks, and used it to represent their web design business. The kicker is that they’re located in and are serving the exact same market as we are. Weird, eh?

Don’t take my word for it though. Here’s a code comparison between their home page’s code and ours. If you’re familiar with HTML, looking at both pages might be enough to make you go “whaaa?”

For everyone else, here are a few screenies (click for a larger view):

Home page


Services Page


Our Work Page


The whole site follows this unfortunate trend. Honestly, we’re flattered… but for your sake guys, it might be best to build your own site – especially given the industry you’re in.


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2 thoughts on “The Greatest Form of Flattery

  1. Good lord … watch out for the branded PPC campaign targeting your name. There have been agencies ‘known’ to brand squat even close to home.

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