Google’s Mobile Friendly Update is Upon Us!

google mobile update
For a long time, Google has given plenty of warnings that mobile integration was coming, and that companies should make sure that their websites should approach site design and layout with a “mobile first / mobile friendly” approach. (Mobile first refers to the strategy of building your online properties around mobile device users first, then optimizing these properties for desktop browsing.)

Later, Google formally announced the mobile friendly update on it’s blog, which made every online marketer call the ensuing update Mobilegeddon.

This update was also announced in a surprising way: For the first time ever, Google had previously warned everyone that they were going to make this change. Usually, algorithm changes are sprung on the industry (sometimes covertly) and the SEO industry must scramble to try and reverse engineer what changes Google implemented.

So…What Did Mobilegeddon Do?

At this point if you don’t have a mobile friendly site, you’re completely behind the game. A mobile friendly site upgrade or redesign should be strongly considered—as of April 21st, Google has updated their mobile search algorithm to favour mobile friendly sites. Due to the fact that users are now trending towards mobile devices for web browsing, Google will rank sites that are mobile friendly higher, and sites that are not mobile friendly, lower.

Mobile Friendly Update Stats

Think mobile traffic isn’t that big of a deal? Here is a recent 30 day snapshot from a client – over 50% of their traffic comes from mobile sources. This is no longer something that is unique or amazing..this is industry standard, and a trend that internet users as a whole are firmly moving towards.

Almost all of our customers were fully prepared for the change; we’ve been developing mobile responsive websites for many years now. We haven’t even offered an option for a non-responsive website for well over four years. Even if your current non-mobile-friendly site is ranking decently in the mobile SERP’s, there’s no saying what’s going to happen when this update finally hits your website and you lose out on prospects and conversions. Worse yet, its only a matter of time before your competition, who are mobile friendly, leave you in the dust.

We’ve been developing mobile responsive websites based on easy-to-use content management systems for a long time. Is your website hard to use on a mobile phone? Were you caught flat-footed by Mobilegeddon? Need consulting and have no idea where to start with creating and implementing a mobile-first strategy? Come talk to us!

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