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Responding to popular demand, Google+, that “other” Facebook, has recently introduced pages for businesses. These operate in a very similar manner to Facebook pages. While there are lots of Google+ how-to’s out there, this article is tailored for any B2B company that wants to create a Google+ page.

So, why Google+ for your business? For now, it simply makes sense to create a page so that your business is up there and no one else is squatting on your name. Beyond that, just like with other social media platforms, putting effort into a Google+ page can translate into more business, lower costs and happier customers. Effectively connecting with your customers goes a long way.

Before starting, make sure you have:

  • A company “about”, bio or boilerplate message
  • Basic contact information
  • A logo that will fit in a square format (equal height and width)
  • Some posts to get the page started; you might want to put in some intro’s+links to your blog posts or other unique content
  • Photos or videos, IF you choose to include them; you can choose not to if it doesn’t make sense for your business

Once you’ve gathered your content

Select the category of business that you have. If you choose “Local Business or Place”, you have the option to create your page based on your Google Places listing.

Next, confirm and add any detail you need to for the listing. Most of the details should be pre-populated if you based your Page on your Google Places listing.

Google+ information confirmation page

After uploading your logo (remember that they want it to fit into a square size), you’re done! The creation process is incredibly easy. Once your page is created, fill in the basic business contact information on the “about” page. If you have some extra time, enter in your about information, some photo’s (if you choose), and pre-populated posts.

Now, spread the word

Once the page is done to your satisfaction, send the link out to people you know on Google+ who would be likely to follow your business page. Keep in mind that as a business, you can’t follow people on Google+ until they follow you, so following a big list of people is unnecessary.

Google+ Spread the word

Since Google+ pages for businesses are fairly new, there’s going to be a lot of experimentation before companies understand how to best use the platform. Two things are for sure…Google will continue the + push, and it can’t hurt to be ahead of the curve.

Finally, if you’re on Google+, be sure to follow Top Draw!

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