Google Grants for Nonprofit Organizations

How to get Google Grants

Let’s face it – in a nutshell, online advertising can be very difficult , time consuming, and ultimately, expensive. So what if you were able to get $10,000 in FREE monthly advertising with Google?

Got your attention?

Google Ad GrantsStart the process by clicking on “Join The Program” at the website Google for Nonprofits.  From here, you can apply to join the “Google for Nonprofit” Program.

IMPORTANT: You will need to be registered with TechSoup to proceed with the Membership application. It’s super easy.

Once you’re able to register, verify your email address and log in, you’ll be taken to the “My Organizations” page with your registered organization. From here, you need to click “sign up now” to apply for the verification process. This can take up to a few days to verify, but has been known to be much shorter.

Google Grants Products

google-grantsUpon being approved, you will be taken to Google’s non-profit product offerings. From here, things get more complicated as these products require setting up proper campaigns with very specific criteria in order to qualify for the $10,000 grant. Luckily, we’ll help you navigate this by diving into the technical back end to get you set up, applied and enrolled. Past that, we’ll maintain , tweak and create new campaigns as necessary for you.

The first couple steps is for Non Profit Organizations to realize that they can apply for Google Grants. From there, Top Draw can help you – Just give us a call or email! 


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