Multi-Channel Funnels in Google Analytics

One of the problems with less advanced analytics packages is that they frequently only attribute a conversion or sale to the last known traffic source. A customer might ask a question on Twitter that’s answered by your social media coordinator, then read a blog post, before finally clicking on a retargetted PPC ad. In a simple model, only the last click gets the credit. Most of the time, this was ok but as time went on and online sales channels expanded in variety and scope, it started to hide the impact of marketing activities that influenced earlier on in the buying cycle.

Google has introduced “Multi-Channel Funnels” to help show which marketing activities are assisting in conversions. Make sure you have your goals/eCommerce settings correct in Google Analytics or else it won’t work for you.



Easily my favorite new report in the section is the multi-channel conversion visualizer, a visual diagram showing conversions and overlap between them.


Here’s a video that Google put together explaining more about their new Multi-Channel Funnels feature.

If you have goals already setup in your Google Analytics Profile, you’re good to go! You should be able to check out the new reports in the “multi-channel funnels” section under the “my conversions” tab.

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