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Top Draw’s Business Development Manager, Jennifer Banks, is helping out countless Edmontonians in need. It all started when Jen responded to a tweet request to find a bassinette for a baby who was sleeping on the floor. She then came up with the idea that she could help out even more people, and make her birthday memorable. Jen wrote a blog post asking her friends, family and social media circles to donate something to charity to “make her day”.

The response Jen has received has been overwhelming. Businesses, neighbors and even children have all been giving to local and international causes. Weeding a neighbor’s garden, spending allowance on beans for the Food Bank and visiting the unvisited in the hospital are a few examples of over 115 acts of kindness in 4 days. Giving is truly contagious!

Jen features photos and messages from everyone who has given from their hearts on her Make Jen’s Day Facebook page. People are also posting charity suggestions and identifying their needs. Those who use social media are asked to use #makejensday as a hash tag.

Jen has been interviewed by Metro News, Chatelaine Magazine and the Edmonton Sun. The momentum has no sign of slowing down. In fact, it is just getting started. At last count, there were 1.5 million impressions on the #makejensday Twitter hashtag!


Jen purchased makejensday.com and plans to spread generosity throughout the year. Her plan is for people to continue to broadcast the benefits of giving and narrate the social impact.

How can you help? Follow @makejensday on Twitter and visit her Facebook page and complete “Today’s Make Jen’s Day challenge.” They aren’t challenges as much as reminders of how we can and should interact with one another.

Congratulations Jen on turning a selfless idea into a kindness movement. It’s amazing what one blog post and hash tag will do!

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