For the Win Wednesdays 6 – Landing Pages

landing pages

When analyzing onsite content, most people use the “All pages” report the most. It provides a good overview of how content is being used on the site, and can give insight into navigational changes. What it doesn’t do, is tell you which pages are attracting the most attention from off the site. Which pages get the most clicks from other websites, organic search traffic, or social media. Where do people start when they initially visit the page? To start, go to Content->Site Content->Landing Pages. Note: I’m using some old data here to throw off our competitors who are reading this. (Hi there!)


An important first step with this report, and most Analytics reports, is to use the “Goals”, “Ecommerce”, or “AdSense” reports to provide insight into which landing pages are not only driving traffic, but also driving business/revenue/advertising clicks. A robust, accurate goal tracking setup will really bring the insight out of your landing pages report.

I try to compare and contrast the landing pages report with the “All pages” report. “All pages” provides the entrances stat, which can be compared with pageviews to better understand whether you’re looking at an important navigation page or a hot attraction for external links. It’s really typical to see pages like “about us” or “our philosophy” taking in few entrances, but being a popular second or third page for visitors.

filteringIf you want to see how a particular subset of landing pages is doing for you, use the filter area on the right to filter for sections of your website like your blog, services area, resource section, etc.

A 3rd technique is to “drill down” into pages and add a secondary dimension to quickly see where traffic is coming from for an interesting landing page. If you’ve found a landing page with a high number of entrances and want to know where they’re coming from, click on the page in Google Analytics, click the “Secondary dimension” drop down box and use the search as you type box to search for “Source”. This will give you a quick breakdown of where visitors of that page came from.


What are “For the Win Wednesdays”?

For the Win Wednesdays is a weekly series of posts tackling 1 technique or strategy of analysis in Google Analytics. These posts are created for intermediate users of Analytics, those who are familiar with the interface but are unsure about different application methods. For the full series, see the For the Win Wednesday tag.

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