Entrepreneurialism Sparked in Youth by Junior Achievement

JA-Alberta-Business-Hall-of-Fame-StageJunior Achievement is the only organization that teaches entrepreneurship, financial literacy, and work readiness to students at all levels of the school system. This organization maximizes student potential by exposing them to real life business leaders that teach tangible, relevant, and relatable lessons in order to prepare them for success in the global economy.

Recently Top Draw web designer, Wendy Yeung, created an infographic to be used as a quick fact sheet regarding the impact that the local JA Northern Alberta and Northwest Territories office has made on young individuals. As illustrated by the infographic, JA Northern Alberta & NWT delivered programs to over 20,000 students in 2013 and is striving to achieve their goal of reaching 40,000 students by 2016, with added help from quality volunteers and financial support from our Alberta business community.

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Speaking of financial support, Top Draw has recently sponsored the JA Alberta Business Hall of Fame and are thrilled to report that, for the first time ever, the event broke the one million dollar mark! Congratulations and many thanks to the JA team: Jay Ball, Javier Salazar, Janice Moore, Kathryn McCutcheon, Cristina Jarvis, Mary Shaker, and Clinton Senkow, for their hard work and dedication.

This year’s annual Junior Achievement Alberta Business Hall of Fame event, planned by Erin Rayner and Allison Rayner of EdMarketing, was well organized, entertaining, and memorable. We had the honor of having our infographic included in the program, which was provided to over 1,400 attendees and industry professionals. Check out the infographic to see a snapshot of the impact that JA makes.

Our very own Ken Jurina, President & CEO of Top Draw, has been a proud supporter and sponsor of JA for seven years. “JA sparks the entrepreneurial spirit in our youth and helps to build leaders in our community for tomorrow. This organization plays a crucial early role in students’ lives to help them determine if the business/entrepreneurial path is right for them.” Ken is honored to have the opportunity to contribute and provide support to this well-defined, admirable organization.

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