Email Marketing: Why It’s Better Than EVER.

If you’re a marketer or business owner, then you know the importance of engaging with your audience, and you probably hold your client email list in close quarters for those special-only messages. However, holding back from frequently emailing your customers is actually doing more harm than good.

First Take-Away: Do Not Fear Emailing

You have invested serious time in earning those customer emails, so put them to good use! Although some marketers fear the risk of irritating customers via ‘spamming’, the risk is slim to none if your content is thoughtfully written.

In fact, you’ll notice that the more you email your customers, the fewer will unsubscribe. The reason for this is simple, if you rarely email your clients, there’s a better chance that, when you finally do, they’ll think, “Wait, which company is this?” and “Why did I sign-up for this?” Remember, your clients agreed to give you their email because they’re interested in your brand and want to know more.

Second Take-Away: Write Relevant & Valuable Content

Distributing content to an audience already interested in your brand is half the battle. The other half is writing high-quality content. If the articles you write aren’t relevant to your brand or valuable to your audience, then don’t bother writing them.

Why is email so important?

Once you have great content that will surely be of interest to your audience, then it’s time begin a content calendar primed to deliver a slow and steady drip of that eye-savoury content (include a call to action!).

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Third Take-Away: Respect Customer Privacy

In conjunction with relevant and valuable content distribution is the willingness to accept the content by your customers. When you ask a customer to join your mailing list, you must include a CASL statement; your customer’s privacy should be first and foremost. A CASL statement is simply an expressed consent to opt-in or opt-out of receiving your content.

Here’s an example:

▢ I agree to receive [Your Company] newsletter containing the latest information on news and [Your Company] product promotions. Your contact information will remain confidential and you may withdraw your consent at any time.

Fourth Take-Away: Consumer Behaviour is Changing the Email Inbox

At least once a day, every day, you check your email. Your inbox—personal, professional, student, or otherwise (because we know you have more than one)—is organized chronologically by date and most likely divided into two categories: Important and Those Other Emails, especially if you use Gmail.

Well, that is all about to change. Google has recently created Gmail Inbox: the newly-minted email app that allows the consumer to completely customize his and her inbox by bundling content, highlighting the important goodies and simplifying—everything!

Check out this YouTube clip from Front Company introducing the nifty Gmail Inbox app.


The app, according to Fast Company, is still very new and currently being slowly released to companies on an invite-only basis. But this, my friends, is the wave of the email future. With a fully-customizable inbox, your customers will be checking your content as part of their daily routine, which is all the more reason to open up that communication channel.

Fifth Take-Away: Target Your Message Responsively

The advent of Gmail Inbox says a lot about what’s happening and is going to happen in the world of content marketing. Building a mobile-responsive message will be vital to your metrics of success in not only attracting new subscribers but maintaining your current ones.

A well-targeted message is far more useful to your audience, so a hyper-targeted message is even better. A hyper-targeted message will allow you to send an email to someone based on their location. Never mind offering promotional coupons; instead you can send those coupons directly to your customer as soon as he or she enters the store, or even walks by!

Yeah, so it’s a little creepy, but when you take a minute to really think about the convenience of it all, it’s truly a brilliant innovation. Your customer is already interested in your brand and loves hearing from and about you—now you’ll be readily available the minute they enter the store.

Closing Words

Friends, email as we know it is changing. Access to information, organizing what we like and ignoring what we don’t, and having the control of choice in the businesses who email us is the wave of the future—a significant wave us content marketers need to ride.

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