Edmonton's Online Marketing Meetup

Are you interested in learning more about online marketing? Are you in an organization where you are the online marketing person and you feel like you have no one to bounce ideas off, or to ask about strategies or tools? The Online Marketing Meetup Edmonton (OMMYEG for short) is a once a month meeting that Top Draw and SEMPO Canada host to encourage more local collaboration in online marketing. We’ve taken a break for the summer but our next session is coming up in mid-September.

The format allows for mingling and networking, a few short presentations from industry experts, and time to discuss the presentations and other topics of interest. There is no entrance fee and presentations are informative – and not sales pitches! We buy a few pitchers of beer as well as some appetizers, but if you want a meal or a few more drinks, you’ll have to pay your own bill. If you’re interested in what a typical night looks like, check out our “What is OMMYEG” post from September, 2011.

If you’ve attended OMMYEG before and would like to speak, give us a shout! We’ll gladly give you the floor if your  presentation is related to online marketing, is informative, and is not sales-y.

RSVP via Meetup.com or via the event page on Google+.

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