Double Rainbow Customer Service

People like to eat, kids like to play. It’s a pretty simple thing really. That is unless you are carrying a huge handbag, sippy cup and a two year old. Things can get complicated…

I was out on a date night with my daughter and had to be at a friend’s house in half an hour. My daughter Tennessee hadn’t eaten yet, and unless you’re a parent, you know that there is NO way you show up anywhere with a starving child. So I did what any sensible mom would do in this situation, I stopped at McDonalds. I knew that Little T needed something fast that she would eat quickly. Nuggets and fries it is.

When we arrived, Little T was acting clingy and couldn’t be put down without crying. Sippy cup, purse and little person in hand, I went up to order. The girl behind the counter was smiling, like actually smiling. A real legit smile. Once our food was put onto the tray, one of the supervisors came and asked me if I wanted help with my tray. I was floored! The girl behind the counter grabbed my tray and brought it to the table for me. She also went so far as to take the food out of Little T’s Happy Meal bag and grab us ketchup, napkins and straws. I can’t say that I have a new appreciation for McDonalds food but, this obviously made enough of an impact on to result in a blog.

This reminded me of something that happened recently at work. Our Project Manager, Cindy, was listening to the radio during her morning commute and heard the name of one of our clients being called for a contest. If he called in within the next 15 minutes, he would win $500, Although he was on a fishing trip in a remote part of the Northwest Territories, Cindy managed to get a hold of him. He called the radio station with just a tiny bit of time to spare and won the money!

This is just one example of why I love my teammates—always providing double rainbow customer service at its finest!

Posted by Jennifer Banks, Business Development

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