Digital North Bootcamp Press Release

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PRESS RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE April 26, 2016 Contact: Katherine Duffy 780-429-9993 FROM DRILLING FOR OIL TO DIGGING FOR CONVERSIONS – HOW DIGITAL NORTH BOOTCAMP HELPS ENABLE ALBERTANS TO BE MORE RESOURCEFUL EDMONTON, ALBERTA – Digital North Bootcamp offers Albertans an opportunity to develop the technical and creative proficiencies that are required to meet the demand of digital marketing skills in today’s job market. Inspired by Justin Trudeau’s speech on “how technology is changing the way companies and businesses operate”, Trudeau said “I want you to know Canadians for our resourcefulness”. Digital North Bootcamp is up to the task of enabling Albertans to be more resourceful. Recognizing the need for online marketing training, local digital marketing professionals have launched Digital North Bootcamp, an on-going series of in-person classes that will be held at the Top Draw Digital Agency in Edmonton to fulfill this goal, and get access to a talented pool of potential employees eager to work in this field. Many Albertans are facing a historic struggle to repurpose their skills in the rapidly growing creative economy. With multiple career postings currently unfilled, Top Draw and other digital agencies face a similar struggle to scale their team relative to the growth of the digital advertising industry. The Digital North Bootcamp aims to help transform traditional marketers into digital experts to meet the needs of a growth industry. Many businesses are still trying to catch up and make the shift from traditional to digital marketing. Professionals looking for explosive growth, the tracking and repeatability you can get from online marketing is exciting, but as it is so new, it can be hard to connect the dots. While post-secondary curriculums work to keep up with the trends and the ever changing online marketing industry, it’s difficult for new and experienced marketers to find reputable, up to date, training focused solely on digital. Many marketers and business professionals struggle to develop a clearly defined digital strategy and are overwhelmed with the tools, technology, and various methods that can be utilized to directly advertise to internet users. The Digital North Bootcamp seeks to help anyone make sense of online marketing. Through the Digital North Bootcamp, Top Draw will be opening its digital agency to the public to train attendees on how to use the digital landscape to reach target markets through: Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising Remarketing Search engine optimization (SEO) Social media marketing Website and Web Application Development Content Strategy, Content Marketing and Copywriting Digital Strategy, Brand Stewardship and Project Management ### Contact: Katherine Duffy 780-429-9993 Contact Us