Digital Marketing for Financial Services Conference

Earlier this month, I found myself in Toronto, presenting to the fine folks attending the Digital Marketing for Financial Services Conference. I had the pleasure of teaming up with Jeff Quip, CEO of Search Engine People to deliver a talk on Paid and Organic Listings for Financial Services. Ensuring we left our audience with practical takeaways, we felt it went really well; but then, all of the clapping at the end of our presentation likely had more to do with the beginning of the cocktail party than our prowess as speakers.

All kidding aside, regardless of the industry you find yourself in, here are a few tips we shared at the conference that can help you increase your search rankings.

My Top Three Search Tips:

  1. Do keyword research: all quality ‘white hat’ SEO campaigns begin here.
  2. Optimize your pages, don’t keyword-stuff.
  3. Set up goals for all of your SEO activities: measure, analyze and improve.

For even more search tips and an explanation on those above, download the complete presentation.

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