Cymple Design Showcases Artist's & Web Designer's Higher Intention

Carmen Yatscoff is an industrial designer whose underlying philosophy behind her work is simple: want not, waste not.

Interaction with an inanimate object inevitably gives it meaning and it creates an emotional attachment. As a result, we want what we already have and are less likely to throw any part of it away. By the same token, the need to accumulate other useless and far less practical items fades.

In applying this thinking to her work, Carmen felt the only way to promote it was through a highly functional website that served to showcase her work, eliminating the need for paper-made marketing and promotional tools.

The web design and development team at Top Draw understood the artist’s concerns and delivered a product that compliments the artist’s vision.

The recently launched Cymple Design website reflects the intention and integrity of Carmen’s concepts and prototypes, but it’s also a testament to the quality custom work that goes into every one of Top Draw’s small business website packages.

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