Content is King! So Stop Treating It Like a Commoner.

Just how important is Content on your website? Think about it… The web is Content! It’s the paragraphs, the headlines, the slogans and imagery that collectively tell your story.

Organized and accentuated by design elements and functionality, your Content is ultimately responsible for persuading visitors to do what you want them to do – buy now, call or email, fill out a form, go to your stores; or perhaps nothing today, but convince them to return next week or share your website with friends.

At Top Draw, you’ll hear the word Content a lot…Content mapping, Content audit, Content development strategies…and you’ll hear it even more after this week, as we have recently appointed Cindy Joly (that’s me), former Project Manager to the position of Content Strategist.

So, what’s all the hype about Content? At Top Draw, we don’t simply build websites that look good and rank well with search engines. We are committed to creating online sales reps that work for you 24/7. But in order to hit the quantitative goals that we set up for visits and conversions at site launch, your Content needs to deliver. And that’s where Top Draw is different.

Content development is an involved process that allows us to get close and personal with your industry and your business practices. It starts with the development of your site plan – the blueprint for your website.

Whether you enlist the search engine optimization services of Epiar or not (which is really something you should consider), the architecture of your site needs to make sense to search engines as well as visitors.

Once we finalize your site plan, we then conduct a Content audit. I review your current information, decide what works and what needs work and create a spreadsheet that outlines all the elements required for every page of your site. It’s a lot like building a house. Construction doesn’t start until the blueprints are complete with walls, electrical, plumbing, etc. The project manager needs to know where the windows and doors are going before the walls are up! Thorough planning sets the stage for success and also allows time for all the necessary pieces to be developed in the early stages.

Content development is a collaborative process. Not only do we work together to create a strategy that will achieve your goals, but develop the real narrative that embodies your company through text, visual language, imagery and style. This philosophy sets Top Draw apart in the industry and it’s what creates measurable success for our clients.

— Cindy Joly, Content Strategist

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