Changing of the Guard

What can one say about Ken Jurina that hasn’t already been mentioned by his closest friends and professional contacts over his 24 years of leading Top Draw. Especially from me, who has only worked/known him for a little over 2 of those years. All I can say, with no pressure or prompting is that Ken has been an outstanding President & CEO, an inspiring mentor and dare I say, a great friend.

When I first came on board, I could tell right away that Ken was a huge personality and I was taken back at first, but only out of jealousy as I thought I could out shine them all. As it turned out, our competitive sales nature actually brought us closer and made us a powerful duo on the Business Development side of Top Draw.

Ken took me under his wing and filled in a couple of blanks in my skill set in sales and relationship building. The Sales office was always filled with laughs and friendly joshing but with clear purpose which Ken would enforce when needed. When I would succeed and grab a big win, he was always the first to ring the sales bell and really make sure I was recognized for my accomplishment. And when things were low in my life, and I mean really low, he only cared how he could help me feel better. Not just to get my backside back behind the desk, but to make sure I was well and happy, the job came second.

That I will be forever grateful for.

Ken’s heart and care for others is only matched by his drive to make Top Draw the best company ever, whether it’s him behind the wheel or someone else. Although he may be stepping down as acting President, I shall stand on my desk and say, “Oh Captain My Captain.”

For the official press release on the announcement, please Click Here.

Well now that the sappy part is done, I do want to say, how excited I am to see Adriel Michaud step up to the plate as our new fearless leader.

Adriel has always been the perfect complement to Ken.

Where Ken was the face of the company at corporate events, Adriel was the silent tactician increasing automations and efficiency at Top Draw. What would take Ken, and I, to say in a client meeting, Adriel could communicate in 1/10th of the time – and more likely come away with client approval.

You know that game when you try to figure out who the smartest person in the room is, Adriel is usually that person. He would never admit it tho as he is very humble and has no superiority complex. He just happens to know all the things. If you have ever seen him present, read his blogs or had the pleasure just to sit and chat, you would agree.

Whenever anyone has a question in the office, Adriel is the go to. This applies well beyond just his knowledge of digital marketing and products but everyday things. He has personally helped me fix my car and acted as my home computer technical support person.

He fixes technical, strategic and functional issues, but more importantly he fixes and empowers you as well. But that is who he is, he helps people.

[bctt tweet=”Adriel’s tactical insight and selfless mentorship is why he is the right person to lead Top Draw.”]

It is with great excitement seeing two very good friends, Ken & Adriel, move to the next phase of their professional career and congratulate them both for what they have done and continue to do to get us here.

Here’s the future, filled with excitement for what is to come with Adriel at the helm!

William Griffiths,

Account Manager, Top Draw Inc.

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