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Why Sketch 3 Is Better Than Photoshop

By Sara Ferguson

Although I doubt designers — web designers, more specifically— will ever abandon Photoshop altogether, there are those of us, like those here at Top Draw, who have been feeling a bit smothered by Photoshop’s less than web-friendly capabilities. Allow us to introduce you to Sketch 3, by Bohemian Coding.

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Web Development for Internet Explorer Compatibility

By topdrawinc

As a company, Top Draw includes cross-browser support for current versions of major browsers (less one major version-release), as part of the development specifications for our projects. We recently decided to discontinue optimization support of the Opera browser, as they have consistently held less than 3% of the user-market in the last decade, and less […]

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Top Draw Featured on the CSS Matter Gallery

By topdrawinc

CSS Matter is a site that focuses on design, development, creativity and innovation on the Internet. The greatest feature of this site is that it recognizes and promotes the best web designers, developers and users in the online world. We recently received an email informing us that our Top Draw website is now featured on […]