Bust A Move for Breast Health

In a little less than three weeks, over 60 teams will gather at Northlands to “Bust a Move” for Breast Health, supporting the Alberta Cancer Foundation. Two of us lovely ladies from Top Draw, myself and Jennifer, will be participating in this six hour fitness extravaganza!

Jennifer works very closely with the Alberta Cancer Foundation, as a Bust a Move committee member, consultant and social media mastermind. So when she approached me a few months ago and asked me to join her team, the Hello Titties, I could hardly say no!

The other reason I got “roped” into participating is that Jen is expecting her second baby a couple days after the event. While ACF is hoping that Bust a Move is an event to be remembered, I’m not sure the arrival of a new baby during those six hours is quite what they had in mind.

That said, one thing that will, undoubtedly, make the day memorable is celebrity fitness instructor…


Oh yes! The frizzy haired fitness guru of “Sweatin’ to the Oldies” fame will be leading us in some sweet dance moves for the last hour of the event. And I can hardly wait! It should be enough that I get to be in one of his classes; but I’m hoping that with Jen on the committee, I might actually have a chance to meet and take a photo with the legend himself!

If you’d like to help make my dream a reality, and give to a really great cause in the process, please visit our team donation page. Be sure to check back at the end of the month for a recap of the event.

If you are a participant in Bust a Move yourself, please drop us a line in the comments below so we can try and connect!

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